Home Developer's $10 Million Tortious Interference Lawsuit Derailed (for now) by Texas Anti-Slapp.

Back in March 2018, a Dallas home builder filed a $10 million lawsuit in Megatel Homes III LLC v. United Development Funding LP et al., case number DC-18-04147, in the 298th District Court of Dallas County. In October, Megatel filed its 3rd Amended Petition (the article below is based on the Original Petition), alleging five separate tortious interference with contract claims (four of which appear to be based on new allegations). The gist of the new claims is that defendants (who are lenders) caused their borrowers to prematurely repay loans, interfering with contracts between the borrowers and Megatel (based on a lack of money).

In December, defendants filed a Texas Anti-Slapp against the four new claims based on a Right to Free Speech theory. Upon request by Megatel, the trial court allowed limited discovery and the hearing is currently set in April 2019 (one year after the lawsuit started).

Regardless of the trial court’s decision, this case appears destined for the Dallas COA (which has yet to issue a 2019 opinion on Texas Anti-Slapp).

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